Author Topic: How Do I Get Barratt To Do Snagging Issues Before Completion  (Read 4575 times)

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Shuka Montera

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How Do I Get Barratt To Do Snagging Issues Before Completion
« on: August 25, 2016, 06:42:17 am »
I am a first time buyer and I am currently looking to complete on my property this Friday.

I have gone into my property and prepared a preliminary snagging list.
Most of the issues seem to be cosmetic but other issues seem quite big and I really need some advice on how I should tackle them with my developers Barratt to get the best result and came across this great website!

Whilst I appreciate that I am may be hyper sensitive to everything due to my stress levels being through the roof, I also want to ensure I do whatever I can to put my mind at ease that I've done whatever I can to rectify any issues. I also have no idea what my next steps are if things aren't addressed to my satisfaction. I'm a single mum of one and have never bought a property before so this is all new to me.

I prepared a snagging list that I emailed to Barratt  this morning and have a meeting with them this afternoon to go through this list but also for my new home tour. I can email this list to you if it helps.

I think I may just need some reassurance but don't know who to ask, can you help please?


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Re: How Do I Get Barratt To Do Snagging Issues Before Completion
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2016, 07:30:14 am »

What you need to do is have a professional snagging inspection completed (if you can afford it great, if not there are checklists you can download and print out on this site).
A professional will take a fair few hours to inspect and should email you a completed, full report. If you are doing this yourself then you should be taking hours as well. You should have it professionally done if you can.

Then once you have the report, email it to their sales team and the site manager and state this is what you have picked up (so far) and everything needs to be rectified before you legally complete on the property or you will not do so. Do this via an email, in the same email cc your solicitor and state that they are not to complete until they have received written authority from you to do so. I would do this so everyone knows where you stand and the fact you are serious about it!

You also have two years in which the house builder is responsible for rectifying snags but you are absolutely right to get them done prior to handover of your house. You should have received a booklet staying your aftercare service and your right to go the resolution service of you are not happy how they have dealt with your issues.

Barratt are usually one of the better ones, see how your meeting goes but I would confirm everything in an email for evidence from outcome of the meeting.

Don't let them fob you if with stuff like within tolerance,  if it's not right it's not right. Be strong don't settle for anything you are not happy with.

Please list outstanding faults, this will aid specific advise to you.

Good luck

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Re: How Do I Get Barratt To Do Snagging Issues Before Completion
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2016, 05:10:38 am »
I realise you legally complete today and hope everything is going to be OK.
First of all, as Anthyboy said, you should have your home professional inspected and snagged.
Call Tim Fee at Snagging 07768 900200 now and see if he can inspect your home before you legally complete, he may be in your area today.

Regarding the snagging items you have listed, it will depend on the  housebuilder.
Some like Barratt, are more pro active than others.
However, once you are moved in, getting anything fixed or put right becomes more complicated and inconvenient for both you and the builder.
Basically, if it is wrong it should and must be put right.
But you've left it a bit late for Friday, consider delaying Legal Completion by a week if you are not happy.
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